Each year between April and September our students embark on a project or internship with an organisation to utilise the skills and knowledge they have acquired at Cranfield. It is an excellent opportunity for them to get involved with companies, enhance their business-specific knowledge and assess potential career paths.

As a participating organisation, providing a project opportunity is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. The benefits include a low cost, high quality source of objective research into an issue of value, provided within a short timeframe, and an opportunity to assess the quality of our talent as potential recruits.

The format and timeframe of student projects and internships vary, depending on which of our top-ranked MBA or MSc programmes your organisation is interested in. The details of the engagement are organised in close collaboration with the participating organisation. To express an interest in working with our students in this way, please contact Internships and Project Manager, Hannah Piazza on +44(0)1234 753767 or h.piazza@cranfield.ac.uk, or Head of Employer Engagement, Helen Dalling on +44(0)1234 758193 or h.dalling@cranfield.ac.uk.

You can also submit a project below:

“This is now my second experience of being assigned a Cranfield MSc student - and it gets better each time. I shall have no hesitation in taking another, should we have the opportunity, because the benefit of assigning a highly capable student to a full-time business project, on which they will have a high stake (their MSc qualification), outweighs the investment required by our business.” David Jackman, Distribution Manager, Unipart International.