Current Research Projects

CECAN - measuring the effectiveness of UK energy, water, environment and food policies

We are part of a new national research hub which is developing new ways to measure the effectiveness of domestic policies on energy, water, environment and food (the 'nexus'), and how they affect wider society.  Read more.

CRYOHUB -  investigating and extending the potential of large-scale cryogenic energy storage

We are part of an innovation project consortium investigating and extending the potential of large-scale cryogenic energy storage using renewable energy sources.  This stored energy will then be used for cooling, energy use and feed-in to the grid.  Read more.

ENCORE - establishing a strategically important network in engineering complexity resilience

We are identifying, developing and disseminating new methods to help understand and explain the emergent behaviour of complex engineering systems, complexity science and natural systems, to improve their performance and resilience.  Read more.

EU InnovatE - exploring if policy can encourage innovations to achieve more sustainable lifestyles in Europe

We are part of a collaborative project involving 14 business schools which is examining how European Union policy can encourage its citizens to come up with innovations which will help us live more sustainable lives.  Read more.

ICIF - improving cross sectoral infrastructure planning and investment

We are part of the International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF) which is integrating social and engineering sciences to inform Government policy and industrial practice around infrastructure planning and management. Read more.

STEPPING UP - ensuring the UK's water, energy and food security

We are part of a UK collaborative project in which we are exploring the scaling-up of innovations which address the increasing challenges of integrated water, energy and food systems. Read more