Cranfield has a team of experienced academics and practitioners working with the Cranfield Customer Management Forum.

Professor Hugh Wilson, Forum Director

Professor Hugh Wilson is listed in the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s global “Guru Gallery of the 50 leading marketing thinkers alive today”. He was also recently honouredby the DTI as one of their “Internet Decade” list of the hundred individuals who have had most influence over the development of e-commerce. He has extensive industrial experience with IBM, Logica and NCR. He now teaches CRM, multi-channel marketing, e-commerce and marketing planning at Cranfield University. His books include Profiting from eCRM and The New Marketing and he publishes widely in academic and practitioner journals.

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Dr Emma Macdonald, Research Director

Dr Emma Macdonald's research interests include customer experience, engagement and empowerment.  A particular interest is the customer's role in value cp-creation. She is currently developing new analytics for assessing customer experience and looking for ways to use social media data to understand the multiple stages of the customer journey. She is also using qualitative approaches to understand the customer's role in value co-creation.

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Cranfield marketing faculty

Other members of Cranfield's world-renowned marketing faculty work with the Forum when their specific expertise is needed to address the members' hot issues.

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Cranfield has access to a large number of professional researchers,who work with the Forum on an employed or freelance basis. All are qualified and experienced in marketing and each brings their own skills and specialisms to add value to the Forum.

By adopting this ‘pick-and mix’ approach, the Forum is able to source the right skills and experience for each research project depending on the area of research and methodology that is to be adopted.

Researchers currently working with the Forum are:

Lindsay Bruce (

Freelance Marketer and Writer with 15 years’ experience across a range of industries. As Research Fellow with Cranfield, undertakes and contributes to a variety of research projects as part of the Forum’s research agenda.

Dr Fred Lemke (

Actively involved in research in CRM, supplier management and innovation. As Senior Research Fellow at Cranfield, investigates marketing challenges that companies face today. Current research explores the hidden needs of customers that inform the innovation process at multinational companies.

Peter Mouncey (

Co-Director of the Cranfield Return on Marketing Investment Research Club, Editor of the International Journal of Market Research. Specialist research areas are: applied market research, marketing accountability, CRM, marketing and IT.

Christine Bailey (

Senior marketing practitioner with 15 years experience in technology and services marketing, most recently in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing consultancy services.  Currently undertaking a part-time Doctor of Business Administration programme researching how companies action customer insight at the front line to improve customer acquisition, retention and development.

PhD and DBA Students

As one of Europe’s leading business schools, Cranfield attracts some of the finest PhD and DBA students in the world – typically themselves experienced senior executives. Where their research overlaps with the interests of the Cranfield Customer Management Forum, these students are invited to work alongside the Forum. This benefits Forum members by allowing them access to ground-breaking research in this field. On occasion, it also gives them the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the research. PhD and DBA students that work with the Forum gain from the insight of member companies and from having their research challenged by powerful thinkers whose experience is grounded in the reality of current management challenges.

PhD and DBA students currently associated with the Forum are:

Anne Mollen (

An experienced senior marketer with extensive expertise in customer management. Currently undertaking a full-time PhD at Cranfield, looking at engaging customers online. Specifically, the research, in partnership with Henley Research Centre and AOL looks at building customer relationships through a multi-channel experience.

MSc and MBA Students

Cranfield Marketing MSc and MBA students are required to carry out a unique research project as part of their studies. In the past, some members of the Cranfield Customer Management Forum have been fortunate to have one of these students base their project around a specific management issue facing them as an organisation. This synergy benefits both the student (who works on a real business problem as a part of their studies) and the participating organisation (which gains a piece of research carried out by a well qualified individual under the supervision of Cranfield’s academic staff).

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