The original Reverse Logistics Forum ran for two years ending in 2007.  During this period some 40 companies along with Cranfield School of Management and University of Sheffield Management School and the CILT(UK) worked together to address some of the key challenges faced in managing effective returns logistics operations.  The output from the forum was a practitioner self assessment workbook which identified over 200 items to evaluate.

The Purpose of the Forum

A number of companies have successfully adopted the lessons learnt.  However, reverse logistics practice moves on and new challenges emerge, which prompts the call from CILT(UK) members to maintain this forum to benchmark current practice, identify current issues and create new solutions that make a real difference.

How it works

The forum meets around three times per year.  The sessions typically start at 10:00am, finishing at around 2:00pm.  The format for each session includes a presentation from an industry expert followed by an interactive workshop which leads to the development of research themes to be worked on.  Where special themes are identified, specific working groups may be formed.  Support for the forum is provided by Cranfield School of Management, University of Sheffield Management School and Sheffield Business School.

Benefits from Membership

A number of benefits accrue, including networking, benchmarking, the ability to address key RL business issues and sharing of best practice.  You will also receive a written report from each meeting and any research outputs.

Who Should Attend

Those directly involved with reverse logistics. As well as logistics professionals, given that RL is a broad activity that transcends functional and organisational boundaries, we are also especially interested to hear from non-logistics professionals such as, Marketing, Finance and Procurement personnel involved in the process.  In addition, we would be interested to hear from third party logistics providers and consultants.

Joining Information

If you wish to know more or to be involved in the forum please contact