The Centre for Innovative Products and Services at Cranfield School of Management conducts leading edge research on innovation and new product development. Read more Read less

Recent surveys have shown that CEOs perceive innovation as the most viable and appropriate way to grow their companies.  The Centre for Innovative Products and Services (CIPS) at Cranfield School of Management conducts leading edge research on how growth through innovation can be achieved. Growth can only be achieved by creating a culture of innovation, in which an organization knows how to generate deep customer insights and is capable of managing breakthrough and radical projects – which by their nature are high-risk. Many organizations are only good at incremental innovation and do not have the capability for bringing breakthrough and radical ideas to market. CIPS develops tools and techniques to help such organizations.

CIPS focuses on the issues that are most relevant to companies, uses appropriate research methodologies, and develops management tools and techniques. All of the members of the CIPS Team have direct business experience and so they know how to quickly convert the results of research into approaches that can help organizations. These tools, techniques and approaches are shared through our seminars, in-company workshops and publications. For example, we regularly publish in not only top academic journals but also in the management press including Research-Technology Management and the Financial Times. Our ideas on innovation management are being applied in the service, manufacturing, public and not-for-profit sectors. So, if you are a manager who wants to improve your organization's performance, or someone who wants to study innovation, we hope our website will provide you with insights into the management of innovation.

The Centre works closely with companies in both the manufacturing and service sectors in a number of ways:

  • Research. The research we conduct is applied in nature. We work closely with organizations to understand the issues involved and develop approaches which can be used by management to improve performance. In addition to being practice-oriented in the topics which we choose to research, we place a strong emphasis on conducting research in a way to produce the highest quality of results (that is, we make no compromises in the rigour with which we design our studies). We are currently looking for companies to work with us on our projects. 
  • Seminars and In-company Workshops. CIPS offers several seminars on key innovation topics. These include our flagship programme Managing Innovation, which gives an overview for senior managers and project leaders involved with innovation. Other seminars cover product development, intellectual property and portfolio management. Much of our work on innovation is related to companies' confidential strategies and so we regularly run in-company workshops for senior management teams. 
  • Publishing Our seminar and research work with companies generates a steady flow of publications. Typical outputs are academic papers, case studies, management articles, reports and a recent book. We have also prepared a poster summarizing the key tools and techniques for managing innovation.