The Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship promotes high performing ventures among students, faculty and alumni through cutting edge entrepreneurial research, teaching and practice. The management of high performance ventures in modern dynamic markets is more about entrepreneurship than small business. This perspective is central to the emphasis of the Centre.

The Centre's research areas are broad based to reflect individual scholarly interest that can add value to the cumulative knowledge in entrepreneurship. These include, but are not exhaustive:

  • New venture creation
  • Entrepreneurial mind sets and behaviours
  • Business Growth – strategies, operational learning, succession and leadership
  • Forecasting the entrepreneurial sector
  • Entrepreneurial finance and de-risking ventures
  • Commercialisation of science and technology
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Family business growth and succession
  • Social impact and social enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship in larger organisations

We have a preference for research which is empirical in orientation and supported by robust analysis whether this is quantitative or case based qualitative based methods. What we seek is insight that can be published in high impact Journals, provide thoughtful content for practitioners and enable our teaching and materials to remain at the forefront of the field.