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Darren received his PhD in Geography from the University of Iowa, where his research focused on the landscape ecology of mountain treelines in the western United States. He studied the carbon dynamics of the ecotone and its linkages with climate change, with particular attention given to the complex interactions of different factors and how the importance of various relationships change with the scale of investigation.

More recently, Darren was an environmental modeller on the NERC-funded 'Fragments, Functions, Flows and Urban Ecosystem Services' (F3UES) project where he worked to combine the wealth of data emerging from the project into a unified framework and develop new tools for mapping and understanding ecosystem service provision in urban landscapes. Overall he is drawn to research topics that concern human-environment interaction, social and environmental adaptation to global change, and that take a broad and interdisciplinary view.

Current activities

Dr Darren Grafius is a Visiting Fellow with the Complex Systems Research Centre.   Previously he worked as a Research Fellow  on the 'ICIF' research project exploring the opportunities and risks presented by interdependencies in complex infrastructure networks. His primary focus in this role was research and publication around the growing importance of viewing infrastructure as a 'system of systems', and understanding the complex and interconnected nature of various networks. Interdependency creates risks such as cascade failures that are well-documented but incompletely understood. Even less explored are the potential benefits to human society provided by these interconnections, and the ways in which natural systems can inspire resilient design in artificial ones.


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