As we mark five decades of helping individuals and businesses, we asked our business experts what they predict for the future.

In this series of articles, they explore what futures we need to get ready for, what futures we should try to avoid and what futures we actively want to create.

What does the future hold for Generation Alpha?



Joe Nellis

Professor of Global Economy

There are more than 2.5 million Generation Alphas born globally every week. By 2025, they will number almost two billion. They start school next year and will be the most formally educated, technology-supplied and globally the wealthiest generation ever.  Professor Nellis predicts the impact they are likely to have on the world and what this means for the global economy.

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The workplace of the future

Emma Parry


Emma Parry

Professor of Human Resource Management

Large organisations face a huge challenge to attract millennial workers, who expect much more entrepreneurial environments, with freedom to operate and less control. At the same time, increased life expectancy, coupled with financial pressure from governments and individuals themselves, means people are working longer than ever before. How will these factors affect future generations? Professor Parry looks at the make-up of the workplace of the future.

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The changing political landscape

Paul Baines


Paul Baines

Professor of Political Marketing

With each new twist and turn of the political landscape, pundits scrabble to try to explain the reasons behind the political surprises. Their analyses often feature traditional distinctions such as red vs blue, urban vs rural, religious vs secular, populist vs elite, but – although these are all valid – not one area alone captures the depth and breadth of what is really happening. Professor Baines explores the political landscape of the future.

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The entrepreneurs of the future

2016 03 ShaiV ShaiVHeadshot Ocean Teaser 02


Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam

Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship

Millennial entrepreneurs are reshaping the business world, and the way they make, spend and invest their money has broad implications for wider society. For many, technology is the key to success, enabling them to build their personal fortune at a speed that would have been hard to imagine even 30 years ago. So what does the future hold for the next generations of entrepreneurs?  Dr Vyakarnam shares his predictions for a new generation of go-getters.

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Feeding the world

Emel Aktas


Dr Emel Aktas

Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The world is facing a potential crisis in terms of food security. The challenge is to provide the world’s growing population with a sustainable, secure supply of safe, nutritious and affordable high-quality food, while using less land, with lower inputs, and in the context of global climate change, other environmental changes and declining resources. Dr Aktas explains what she thinks needs to happen in the future.

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