As an industrial sponsor for a part-funded fellowship with industry within the Cranfield University 75th Anniversary Fellowship Scheme’ your role will be crucial in supporting the research project being proposed, and you are likely to have significant input in the development of the research proposal, in conjunction with the fellow.

At the application stage, Industrial Sponsors are expected to provide the applicant with a letter of support (max. 2 pages) outlining:

  1. Why you are a partner on the project;
  2. What you hope to get out of the collaboration;
  3. What your contribution towards the project will be (include any cash and in-kind contributions).

Industrial sponsors for part-funded fellowships are to provide a minimum of £10,000 in cash in support of the project. In addition, industrial sponsors are expected to provide additional in-kind support, which can include staff time, access to equipment, provision of data, software or materials and other support as would be beneficial for the project.

Part-funded fellows with industry can spend up to 50% of their time based within the industrial sponsor.

Following the 75th Anniversary Fellowship Selection Committee, part-funded fellowships with industry will be subject to a contractual agreement between Cranfield and the industrial sponsor.