The world’s leaders will be gathering in the UK in November 2021 to reassert their commitment to tackling climate change at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). Cranfield, as a global university with sustainability engrained in its educational and research offerings, is playing its part in helping the global economy transition to a green sustainable future.

Cranfield University is a specialist postgraduate university with over 70 years experience as a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management, and is recognised for delivering outstanding research addressing contemporary global challenges such as climate change with economic, environmental, and social impact for business, government, and wider society.

Our students are taught not just the theory, but the practical application. When they leave us they are ready, from day one, to step into the world of work and help create a more sustainable and better environment for the future.


 There are four COP26 goals which underpin the transition to net zero: