This research aims to integrate high-resolution satellite data in flood modelling to improve flood forecasts in lowland tropical regions.

At a glance

This research aims to incorporate high-resolution satellite information into hydrologic models to improve flood forecasting in data-poor tropical regions.

The case study focuses on the Mexican State of Tabasco, a large lowland tropical region that is exposed to frequent flooding with severe impacts to people and industry. Working with partners in Mexico and the UK, PhD researcher Charles Mazivanhanga is developing flood models for the Grijalva River basin and the city of Villahermosa. Because of the limited amount of traditional hydrological data available to calibrate and validate the models, Charles is researching the best ways to incorporate satellite data to improve the reliability and accuracy of flood forecasts.

The results of the project will be valuable in the development of an operational water risk management system for the State of Tabasco.