Cranfield is working with Syngas Products as part of an Innovate UK/EPSRC funded Energy Catalyst project to develop scientific understanding of the pyrolysis of refuse-derived fuel.

At a glance

Refuse-derived fuels have become a major export from the UK, around 3 million tonnes each year, as a relatively cost-effective means of managing residual waste driven by a lack of UK capacity for energy conversion. 

This is producing a fuel which could otherwise produce significant energy for the UK, however the installed energy from waste capacity is insufficient. The UK energy from waste sector is growing, with interests in developing advanced thermal conversion processes, such as pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis of wastes to date has been proven as a means of producing syngas suitable only as a fuel in energy from waste boilers. This innovative programme of work is aimed at enhancing both the underlying science of advanced thermal conversion of waste materials into high quality outputs and a practical appreciation of the issues involved. This cutting-edge, high value work would yield a new technological understanding for the waste industry and allow the paradigm shift from basic recycling and/or energy recovery.

Further information

Find out more on the Syngas Products website.