We are leading the Network in Consumer Goods, Big Data and Re-Distributed Manufacturing (RECODE) which is considering opportunities for the future of the  consumer goods industry through the adoption of a redistributed manufacturing approach and use of big data.

At a glance

The Network in Consumer Goods, Big Data and Re-Distributed Manufacturing (RECODE) has been created to develop an active and engaged community to identify, test and evaluate a multi-disciplinary vision and research agenda associated with the application of big data in the transition towards a re-distributed manufacturing model for consumer goods.

The consumer goods industry has remained largely unchanged and is characterised by mass manufacture through multi-national corporations and globally dispersed supply chains with 80% of materials ending up in landfill. The role of re-distributed manufacturing in this sector is often overlooked, yet there is great potential, when combined with timely advances in big data, to re-define the consumer goods industry by changing the economics and organisation of manufacturing, particularly with regard to location and scale.

RECODE Network sandpit event
RECODE Network Sandpit event in Bedford in 2016

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Recode video capture
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