This project aims to provide the qualitative and quantitative evidence for novel power generation concepts that would allow for high-efficiency production of electricity at an affordable price and with a low environmental footprint.

At a glance

During this project we will be collaborating with Origen Power and Cambridge Engineering Analysis & Design to redefine power generation. This will be done by exploring carbonate looping as a potential route for low-emission thermochemical conversion of carbonaceous fuels. This has the potential to make a step change in the UK and international power sector meeting the standards of high-efficiency and low-emission power generation at an affordable cost.

We expect that the innovative power generation systems that are based on high-efficiency power cycles, fuel cells, and carbonate looping will have higher net thermal efficiency, lower CO2 specific emissions and affordable cost of electricity compared to conventional power generation systems.

These new power generation systems will contribute to the decarbonisation of the power sector ensuring a sustainable and resilient electricity supply at an affordable cost.