We are partners in a European collaborative project called MultiFlowMet (Multiphase Flow Metrology) which is attempting to increase confidence in the performance of multiphase flow meters.

At a glance

Multiphase flow meters are essential devices in measuring the individual phase flow rates of constituent phases in a given flow, particularly in the oil and gas industry, such as petroleum, water and gas mixtures produced during oil production processes.

This MultiFlowMet project aims to understand the effect of flow patterns on the performance of multiphase flow meters, with the uncertainties in these devices much higher than in their single phase counterparts.

It is being funded through EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes) and our partners include the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) and three flow laboratories in Holland and Germany.

Impact and findings

A multiphase flow meter is being tested in three accredited laboratories. Theoretical and modelling work is being carried out to explain the causes of flow rates, with new approaches for multiphase flow measurement also being trialled. This should result in increased confidence in multiphase flow meters, with improved oil and gas production as a result.

Multiphase flow measurement visual results
Multiphase flow measurement visualisation