Plant growth depends on processes in the narrow zone of soil that is directly influenced by roots: the rhizosphere. This includes processes regulating the uptake of nutrients, toxins and contaminants, in which the root plays a very active role. In the last decade many new techniques have emerged for studying the rhizosphere at fine spatial and temporal resolutions, including non-invasive imaging techniques, and molecular biological and spectroscopic techniques for particular physical, chemical and biological processes. Our research aims to exploit results from such techniques using process-based mathematical models.

At a glance


  • Mechanisms and genetics of iron toxicity tolerance in African rice (BBSRC BB/R020388/1)
  • Metal contamination of rice supplies in Asia (BBSRC BB/ P02274X/1)
  • Long-lived Radionuclides in the Surface Environment (LO-RISE) (NERC NE/D012848/1)
  • Rice germplasm for high grain Zn content and tolerance of Zn deficient soils. (BBSRC BB/J011584/1). 
  • Modelling integrative behaviour of soil-plant systems: plant uptake of strongly-sorbed solutes (BBSRC BB/C518014/1). 


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