The development of wave and tidal technologies raises concerns about their interaction with mammals, seabirds and fish with energy structures. This project aims to consolidate and improve knowledge of the interactions.

Ambitious plans for the large-scale deployment of wave and tidal energy are underway to meet carbon reduction targets. In this race to develop technology and sites, concerns regarding potential interactions between wave and tidal energy devices and developments and marine mammals, seabirds and fish have emerged.

This project directly addresses the challenges associated with potential marine vertebrate interactions by translating new emerging evidence and lessons learned to inform decision-making on this potentially significant risk to the development of the wave and tidal energy sector.

Through direct engagement with a community of stakeholders, incorporating device and site developers, regulators, advisory bodies, NGOs and industry associations, the embedding of this evidence in site scoping, technology design, monitoring, mitigation and consenting processes will be a practical outcome of this work.

Marine structure
Offshore energy industry structures
Dolphin back
Marine vertebrates living alongside offshore energy technologies