This project aims to address the challenges of increasing rates of waste production, high demand for food and growing pressures on Brazil’s farming land through an innovative efficient recovery of high value compounds using Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly).
  • DatesNovember 2016-June 2018
  • SponsorInnovate UK
  • Funded£308,144 (Cranfield ~ £119,650)
  • PartnersEntocycle Ltd, London

The technology will be applied primarily to animal feed with the prospect of expanding into other sectors such as cosmetics, paints and lubricants. Results of this project will contribute to establishing large-scale rearing of Hermetia illucens through the development of organic residue processing strategy and sustainable product recovery using closed loop processes in 'mild' conditions.

The project will combine the knowledge capacity of the UK with practical experience and favourable legislative conditions in Brazil to understand the scalability of H. illucens rearing. Knowledge gained will be used to develop the partners’ operations and engage further partners including. Brazilian farmers and small businesses, contributing to Brazil's economic development and citizens' welfare.

Further information

Ms Natalia Jawiarczyk (Research Assistant) is working full-time on the project and has made great progress in both work packages where Cranfield is involved.