We aim to extend the ‘flavour-life’ of UK apples, by up to six weeks, through employing state-of-the-art multiwavelength photo-sensors allied to improved postharvest storage.

This research will encourage UK-grown apple sales by better maintaining ‘flavour-life’ during storage. The UK apple industry is worth £190 million at retail and supports many jobs in the industry directly, on farms and in transport.

To achieve a year-round supply, most apples are typically stored for up to eight months, depending on variety. In general, therefore, the supply of UK-grown top fruit is restricted to a small marketing window (September to March) due to late-stored fruit not competing well in terms of quality with new season Southern Hemisphere fruit.

Project infographics

* Image courtesy of Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 

Our proposed work will build upon recent research to develop novel sensors to better inform targeted controlled atmosphere, which will suppress ripening while maintaining flavour. This solution offers the ability to extend storage to help reduce waste and the reliance on imports.