A collaborative project between Cranfield University and CCm Technologies Ltd to evaluate the efficacy of fertilisers derived from carbon capture and biological waste.
  • DatesAugust 2020 to February 2022
  • SponsorIndustrial Strategy Challenge Fund (Innovate UK)
  • Funded£232,373 (total)
  • PartnersCCm Technologies Ltd.

Using field trial sites established in September 2020 at the Luton Hoo Estate in Bedfordshire the novel fertilisers will be assessed for their ability to meet the nutrient demand of winter wheat and winter barley in a fully randomised and replicated crop trial. To determine carbon sequestration, rhizotron tubes are inserted into the ground and specialised scanners image the roots. From these images we will measure root mass and density and monitor root growth. Concurrent laboratory trials will assess the environmental impact of the novel fertilisers by measuring nutrients loss to the atmosphere as gaseous emissions and through diffuse pollution (runoff and erosion).