CoERCe II project will develop a highly efficient pilot-scale carbon capture unit for decarbonisation of carbon intensive systems (such as commercial biogas burners or equivalent combustion systems) using polymeric material.
  • DatesSeptember 2017 - December 2019
  • SponsorBEIS
  • PartnersCEAD and ETL 

The CoERCe II project builds on a successful feasibility study that led to the creation of a basic bench-scale energy recovery and CO2 capture demonstrator. The project programme will involve:

  • Technology development of fluidised beds including research, design & development, prototyping and testing
  • Research into the performance and production scale-up of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) based CO2 sorbent, which are fundamentally inherently functionised porous polymer beads engineered to deliver specific gas capture characteristics. 
  • The development of bespoke heat exchanger and thermo-electric generator technology
  • CoERCe II control system research, development, system integration and complete system build as well as the complete system design performance verification

Initial target markets include industrial power generators and biomass burner/boilers, with wider potential in power stations, freight transport, and electricity generation from open fires and stoves in developing countries.

Further information

This project is the follow-up to CoERCe-I - combined energy recovery and CO2 capture.