Funded by Transport-Technology Research Innovation Grants (T-TRIG) 2019, this project is to develop a P2P energy trading app, allowing electric vehicles (EVs) which have surplus battery energy to trade with nearby EVs in public car parks.

  • Dates2 Jan 2020 to 31 July 2020
  • SponsorDepartment for Transport
  • Funded£30,000
  • PartnersNissan Technology Centre

For EV drivers who are also owners of household-generators, they mostly charge their vehicles at home with minimum to no costs. Also, these households sell their excess generation back to the power grid at a set price (i.e. feed-in tariff). For EV drivers who do not have household-generators, vehicles are charged at home premises or car parks at a much higher rate than the feed-in price. If these two groups of EVs are able to exchange energy at a mid-market electricity price, both groups will gain economic benefits.