Dr Zaheer Nasar, Lecturer in Atmospheric Aerosols, has been recognised in UPSIGN’s list of 75 notable British Pakistani academics, trainers and teachers, as part of celebrations for the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence.

Dr Nasar is recognised amongst influential British Pakistani academics who are conducting impactful research in a wide range of areas including environment and health, air  quality, and environmental policy.

The UPSIGN (UK Pakistan Science and Innovation Global Network) charity works globally to promote mentoring; supporting and educating UK-based British Pakistanis and Pakistanis and highlighting their work in education and academia. It helps facilitate knowledge transfer and capacity building to address Pakistan’s Global Challenges.

Dr Nasar’s research interest lies in physico-chemical and biological characterisation of aerosols, their spatio-temporal dynamics in different environments, societal impacts and developing control measures, with a specific focus on particulate matter (PM) and bioaerosols, across natural and indoor environments. 

Following the recognition, Dr Nasar said: “It’s an honour to be included alongside so many eminent British Pakistani academics. The impact of the work of British Pakistani academics, trainers and teachers has a global resonance as we work alongside government, businesses and other organisations to help solve some of the world’s big challenges.”