Cranfield University has been recognised as having a hedgehog-friendly campus after receiving a bronze level award from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Hedgehogs are one of the UK’s most iconic mammals; however, their populations have declined by 50% since 2000. As of July 2020, they are officially listed as Vulnerable to Extinction. There are many reasons for this drastic reduction in numbers, from environmental poisons, roads, litter, drowning and lack of food, water and connected habitat.

The national Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative encourages teams of staff and students at universities to improve habitats for hedgehogs across campuses and raise awareness of hedgehog-friendly actions.

Cranfield University’s staff and students have been actively engaged in various initiatives to secure the award, including:

  • Conducting hedgehog footprint surveys
  • Raising awareness across social media platforms
  • Maintaining ‘biodiversity action areas’ on campus
  • Building hedgehog houses to put on campus

Gareth Ellis, Energy and Environment Manager at Cranfield University said: “We have significantly increased areas on campus designated for biodiversity action over the last few years. This includes grassland managed for wildlife, water courses, hedgerows, trees and woodland – these provide important habitat and foraging opportunities for hedgehogs. The things we do as staff and students can often make a big impact on local wildlife, and we’re delighted to have this award recognising the work we’re doing to protect hedgehogs.”

Since 2013, the University has been steadily improving habitats on site for wildlife, and increasing conservation areas on campus. Find out more about our biodiversity and grounds.