An upcoming virtual summit will bring together key decision-makers, business and government leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from the UK and the Middle East for a day of stimulating learning and discussion aimed at fostering collaboration and sharing best practice that will support the resetting of economies across the globe in a post-pandemic world.

Hosted by Cranfield School of Management in partnership with the Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), Resetting the Global Economy: Leading and learning in a crisis will take place online on Monday 13 September.

The event will focus around four core topics, all of which are relevant to the central theme of moving beyond crisis into a new and better world. These are:

  • Arab-British trade and investment, including economic diversification,
  • The future of education, learning and development,
  • Sustainability for industries in transformation, including organisational resilience and personal wellbeing,
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital disruption.

Professor David Oglethorpe, Dean of Cranfield School of Management, said: "Never has it been more important for us to learn from each other's business practices and work together across the themes of trade, education, sustainability and innovation. As we move beyond a time of crisis into a new world where the rules are ready to be rewritten, there is a wealth of possibilities and opportunities ahead.

"We are really pleased to be working with the ABCC on this event, which we hope will provide those with an interest and/or stake in the UK and Arab markets with a forum for candid yet comfortable conversations that facilitate the sharing of effective and sustainable business practices and encourage co-operation at an executive level to forge the relationships that will make the greatest impact possible on the success of every organisation involved."

Mr Bandar Reda, Secretary General and CEO at the ABCC, said: "In the delivery of the CEO Summit, the Arab British Chamber of Commerce will fulfil its core mission of promoting Arab-British trade and investment co-operation by addressing current and future challenges faced by the business communities on whose behalf we work. This event will be a unique forum for the exchange of ideas between Arab and British decision makers, allowing them to debate key business challenges, to build a sustainable future founded on innovation, science and technology.

"We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, in the post-pandemic world, to reset the global economy and benefit from extending the longstanding Arab-British partnership into new areas of collaboration. These have been opened up by the emerging industries that are being reshaped. The Chamber is committed to being a catalyst for companies to achieve success in the new business climate and in light of Brexit and the new global norms.

"We are confident that this Summit will offer a valuable platform for deepening the dialogue between Arab-British executives and will help stimulate much needed entrepreneurial acumen."

During the virtual summit, speakers will examine shifting investment strategies and discuss how businesses have adjusted to changes in buying behaviour, restructuring of operations and the priorities of entrepreneurship during the pandemic, as well as look at how developing an innovation culture through collaboration can help capture and take advantage of future digital disruption.

They will also explore how organisations have succeeded in building organisational resilience during the past year – touching on issues such as employee wellbeing, leadership and business practices – and discuss the latest trends shaping post-pandemic learning and development such as virtual learning, peer-to-peer coaching, cross-functional/sector knowledge transfer, and learning on the go.

For more information, and to register to attend the virtual summit, please visit the event website.