Cranfield University’s Director of Aerospace and Jet Zero Council member, Professor Iain Gray, has welcomed the positive progress that the Council is making towards a more sustainable aerospace and aviation industry.

Speaking after today’s Jet Zero Council meeting, Professor Iain Gray, Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University, said: “The Jet Zero Council is making positive progress towards sustainable aviation and we are delighted to be adding the voice of academia to these important discussions.

“I’m pleased to see the RAF being included in the Council’s work. As we know at Cranfield given our links with both sectors, the space between civilian and military aerospace engineering is a blurred one and there is much to gain from increased collaboration between the two.

“As members of the Sustainable Aviation Fuels working groups, we are delighted to see the focus on this area, which is the gamechanger in realising the ambition of net zero flight in the future.

“We also welcome the appointment of Emma Gilthorpe as the Council’s CEO and all of us at Cranfield will continue to support Emma and her team to drive this vital agenda forward.”