The first in a series of new, microlearning executive development programmes to be delivered by Cranfield University academics in the Middle East will focus on implementing innovation as part of a strategy for success.

Managing Strategic Innovation will be delivered by experts from Cranfield Executive Development (CED) – part of Cranfield School of Management – under its partnership with Mexeen, the Middle East Executive Education Network.

The three-day online course aims to empower executives in the region to develop innovation strategies for their business that will see them through the decade ahead by promoting a design thinking mindset; encouraging open-minded, creative exploration of new opportunities; and challenging participants to look beyond established business boundaries.

The gap between knowing and doing

Dr Imran Zawwar, Cranfield Executive Development regional director for the Middle East, said: “As businesses are recovering from a series of world-changing events that few saw coming, there cannot be a better time to discuss innovation and change the way we do things.

“At Cranfield, we believe an organisation’s biggest challenge is not innovative thinking – it is innovative acting. Therefore, managing strategic innovation is not only about developing a good innovation idea, but ensuring that executives can act precisely in a consistent manner to implement it effectively.

“While innovation development is about knowing something, we focus on innovation execution, i.e. about doing it – and the gap between knowing and doing is often huge.”

Supporting post-pandemic recovery

Elsa Moghabghab, Programs Advisor at Mexeen, said: “Starting the year with such a course enables executives to have the right mindset for what seems to be a challenging year. This high-impact programmes provides delegates with a framework for identifying innovation opportunities and allows individuals to be more comfortable leading innovation even if they are not experts.

“The 2021 Mexeen product portfolio focuses on topics that are relevant to organisations and individuals in the context of the current challenges of the pandemic and the slow economic progress expected for the MENA region.

“We believe the Managing Strategic Innovation programme to be of utmost importance in addressing the disruptions that the region is experiencing. Through this course, delegates will work alongside like-minded individuals facing similar challenges in the region, and gain access to regional guest speaker and networking options.”

Cranfield Executive Development and Mexeen are running a webinar on 3 February for people wanting to learn more about the Managing Strategic Innovation course.