Cranfield University has joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy and will soon be providing courses in cloud computing, preparing students for in-demand IT cloud careers.

AWS Academy provides higher education institutions with a free, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that prepares students to pursue industry-recognised certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.

Simon Harwood, Director of Defence and Security, Cranfield University, said: “Cloud computing is continuing to revolutionise how national and global businesses and institutions deliver customer value. Cranfield has always prided itself on ensuring the courses we offer equip students with industry-relevant skills. As one of only a small number of academic providers in the UK, Cranfield wishes to be at the forefront of digital enablement for the UK Government and our national security and defence customers in order for them to realise operational mission-focused outcomes. By providing AWS Academy courses to our students, Cranfield will help them learn one of the most important technical skills companies now need to be successful.”

The AWS Academy curriculum is developed and maintained by AWS ensuring that it reflects current services and up-to-date best practice. Courses are taught by accredited educators, who are trained by AWS. Globally, companies are seeking job applicants with cloud skills.

It is the intention for Cranfield University to be a specialist provider, but students must progress through Foundation and Associate levels before reaching Specialist.