Leading motorsport academics at Cranfield University have paid tribute to Max Mosley, the former FIA motorsport boss, who has died at the age of 81.

Emeritus Professor Mark Jenkins at Cranfield School of Management, said: “He had his enemies but nobody can deny his immense contribution to Formula 1. Max Mosley offered a unique perspective with his experiences as a driver, team boss and ultimately head of the FIA. His greatest legacy will be his contribution to increased safety both in Formula 1 and in road car racing through increased safety regulations and testing.

“What Max instinctively understood was that Formula 1 is not just an entertainment product, it drives improvements in everyday life such as fuel efficiency and safety.”

Clive Temple, Programme Director for Motorsport and Automotive at Cranfield University, said: “Max Mosley was an icon in motorsport with his contribution both as a driver and in management spanning decades. The growth of Formula 1 and the success of the sport we see today is very much down to the work of Max and his sidekick Bernie Ecclestone. For decades, Max and Bernie were inseparable as the driving force behind Formula 1 as an industry. Never shy of courting controversy his lifetime of work will live on in the growth of the sport and the advanced safety features we now see across motorsport. 

"We are proud to be part of that legacy through Cranfield Impact Centre which continues to play its part in driving motorsport safety. Through the Centre, Cranfield has helped develop structural integrity safety testing protocols and continues to provide related services as an FIA accredited test-house.”

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