Students on oil and gas engineering courses at Cranfield University will benefit from the latest industry software tools worth over £1.3 million thanks to a donation from Petroleum Experts (Petex).

Edinburgh-based software company Petex are donating their Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) suite. This models the complete oil or gas production system, from reservoirs and wells to the surface network. The modelling helps to show the innovative oil and gas professionals of the future how the systems can be improved and how production forecasts are run.

Professor Gioia Falcone, Head of the Oil and Gas Engineering Centre at Cranfield, said:

“This generous donation from industry leaders Petex will allow access to industry standard tools for students studying on our MSc courses in Offshore & Ocean Technology, Process Systems Engineering and Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production. For our doctoral students, the software will prove invaluable for their research projects. The software not only enhances the learning experience, but experience using the software will mean our graduates are ready for their careers in the oil and gas sector. ”

The Petex software will complement other unique aspects of Cranfield’s MSc courses, including group projects conducted for industry.

Man with high velocity burner rig
Man with high velocity burner rig

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