Professor Simon Parsons, winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry Sustainable Water Award 2014, delivered the first of a series of four award lectures promoting water sciences.

Simon has had a long career in academia, and was at Cranfield for seventeen years, holding posts including post-doctoral researcher to Professor of Water Sciences. He was Head of Cranfield Water Science Institute and remains a supporter of the University as a client. Simon completed all the work for this award at Cranfield University.

The award lecture was entitled: “Water sustainability and the future of water supply and treatment”.

Professor Simon Parsons achieved the Sustainable Water Award 2014 for his work on: Advancing the understanding of natural organic matter in water treatment and how it affects the performance of oxidation processes. Also the fate of micro-pollutants, as well as the development of treatment processes to improve water quality and sustainability.

His work was selected for this award by the Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division Awards Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Their President Professor Brendan Keely presented the Award medal and certificate.

He joined Scottish Water in 2012 as Chief Scientist and now he is Director of Strategic Customer Service Planning, leading teams in regulation, water and waste water services, strategic review, science and innovation.

Water dripping off a branch
Water dripping off a branch

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