Cranfield University, together with Aramco Overseas Company (AOC), a service provider to Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, have developed a specialist Summer Conference for its high-achieving undergraduate students studying in the UK.

Commencing on the 5 August at the University, The Cranfield University - Saudi Aramco Energy & Power Future Leaders Summer Conference provided delegates with an opportunity to appreciate the vast potential of a career in the energy and power sector, and develop into future energy and power leaders.  It brought together undergraduates from universities across the UK enrolled on courses ranging from chemical, electrical, mechanical and petroleum engineering to geophysics.

Professor Feargal Brennan, Director of Energy at Cranfield University, said: “The energy sector is one of the most exciting areas for young professionals beginning their careers and these delegates, sponsored by the world’s largest oil company, along with Cranfield’s international standing in energy technology and management, are tremendously privileged and have the promise to contribute significantly to the leadership of the international energy sector over the coming decades.”

The Summer Conference has been developed in consultation with subject experts working in the energy sector in a technical, commercial and management capacity, providing a balance between understanding business and commercial elements as well as the technical facets pertinent to working in the energy industry. The programme equips the delegates with business appreciation and an understanding of the energy & power technologies of today and the future.  

A key feature of the summer programme is a group project relevant to the energy and power sector with delegates working in teams. In order to understand the operations, research and implementation the delegates are given access to the industrial scale research facilities at Cranfield and dedicated staff to assist them. At the end of the programme the winning team were awarded a trophy and cash prize.  

Speaking about the Summer Conference, Abdulaziz al-Hijji, Head of the Professional Development Unit (PDU) at AOC said: “Part of PDU’s initiative is to contribute to the development of our trainees and enrich their experience by further developing their professional expertise and skills. We anticipate achieving this with bespoke summer programs that are designed for each level of students with the focus on skills over and above those that are attained through their academic studies ie trainees competencies, knowledge, leadership, teamwork, time management and problem solving.

He continued: “All summer programs are based on the corporate values of Saudi Aramco. Our office takes such summer programs seriously as we feel it will further contribute to our trainees’ development and prepare them for success.”  

Christine Evans the UK/Europe Placement Advisor/Professional Development Department at AOC added: “Our students are extremely privileged to be attending Cranfield with its world class resources and professors. They will gain so much in terms of tapping into this knowledge and expertise, and when I visited there, the students were totally engrossed in their projects and I could sense their feeling of pride and appreciation at this once in a life time opportunity - one they will carry through with them throughout their careers at Saudi Aramco and, I feel sure, will benefit the company, through their contributions, enormously."

Cranfield University has received students from Saudi Aramco for more than a decade. The majority have been enrolled on PhD research programmes. On completion of their degree they will be deployed in a number of technical departments at Saudi Aramco. Cranfield also has alumni in a number of other organisations in Saudi Arabia including, the Royal Saudi Air Force, Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Defence and the Saudi Arabia Airlines.

Notes for editors

The students are sponsored by Saudi Aramco and upon completion of their course will potentially embark on a career with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

About Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is a fully integrated, global petroleum enterprise. The company manages proven conventional reserves of 260.2 billion barrels of oil and the fourth-largest gas reserves in the world, 284.8 trillion cubic feet. 

About Cranfield University

Cranfield University is a specialist postgraduate university that is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management.

Energy and Power at Cranfield

Cranfield has been a leader in energy and power for 20 years. Our expertise includes low carbon energy supply, power generation, advanced fossil fuel technologies and transport systems. Our teaching and research covers offshore renewables, oil and gas engineering, the production and clean utilisation of fossil fuels, combustion and power generation through to bioenergy and the utilisation of wastes as fuel.

We have long-standing strategic partnerships with Alstom Power, BP, Centrica, Chevron, Doosan Babcock, Dong Energy, Petrofac, Rolls-Royce, Shell, Siemens and many others.

Our world-class facilities include the Structural Integrity Laboratory, which has a wide range of equipment to study the mechanical behaviour of components and material samples up to 250,000 tonnes and has machines unique to any university in Europe, and the Ocean Systems Test Laboratory, designed for model testing at the early stage of marine renewable projects.