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Areas of expertise

  • Air Transport Safety & Investigation
  • Airworthiness
  • Human Factors
  • Safety, Resilience, Risk & Reliability


Saryani Asmayawati joined the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre in November 2009. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

After graduating in 2000, she worked as an Air Safety Investigator at the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee, where she participated in 19 aviation accident/incident investigations and contributed to the development of the Committee. During this time, she worked alongside investigators from the US NTSB, UK AAIB, French BEA and the Singaporean AAIB. 
In 2004, she achieved her MSc in Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics from Cranfield University with “Course Director’s Award for Best Student Performance.” Whilst working for the NTSC, she was also a guest lecturer in Human Factors at the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Institut Teknologi Bandung. She also lectured on Human Factors in Accident Investigation for the flight surgeon’s training at the Indonesian Air Force.
In November 2004, Saryani moved to England and worked as a Consultant Engineer in a Safety/Aeronautical Engineering research company. During this period, she carried out various high-profile research projects on fire and cabin safety/survivability and accident analysis for the US Federal Aviation Administration, UK Civil Aviation Authority, Transport Canada and European Aviation Safety Committee. She was also heavily involved in several Regulatory Impact Assessments for EASA. She was the project manager in a research carried out for EASA on the evaluation of CS-25 cabin safety requirements and in a research for UK CAA on firefighting training for cabin crew.

Expertise includes: accident investigation, human factors, HDS laser scanning, novel application of motion sensing technology, cabin safety, crashworthiness, safety regulations/rulemaking and safety culture.

Current activities

Currently, Yani is working in E-PILOTS, looking at human factors and operational aspects of the implementation of cognitive computing support in future flight deck operations. E-PILOTS is a Horizon2020 Clean Sky 2 project between Cranfield University, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Aslogic. She also contribute to the human-machine interface development and testing of a unified routing and scheduling system within TRANSIT (Towards a Robust Airport Decision Support System for Intelligent Taxiing), which is a UK EPSRC project between Queen Mary University of London, Sheffield, Stirling and Cranfield Universities.

Yani has worked on Enhanced Cockpit Decision Making project with Rolls-Royce, under the umbrella of Aerospace Integration Research Centre, researching flight crew decision making in responding to in-flight engine failures and malfunctions. 

She led a safety culture assessment research project undertaken for Thomson Airways (now TUI) over the period of five years, and a safety assessment for Bristow Helicopter Maintenance. Her work in safety culture also led to her involvement with the development of IATA’s I-ASC Safety Culture Survey.

At the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre, Yani is the Course Director for the MSc/PgCert/PgDip programme in Safety and Accident Investigation. She is involved in the design and delivery of various components of our accident investigation short courses and the MSc modules, with particular focus in investigation simulation exercises, investigative interviewing techniques, survivability factors, accident analysis techniques, and research methods.

Yani is the Workshop Series Director for the Applied Rail Accident Investigation courses, working closely with the European Union Agency for Railways, UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch and Network Rail. 


In her past and current occupations, Yani has provided research and consultancy work for:
  • US Federal Aviation Administration
  • Transport Canada
  • UK Civil Aviation Administration
  • European Aviation Safety Agency
  • Thomson Airways (TUI)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Bristow Group
  • Rolls-Royce


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