Contact Valentina Futoryanova


My undergraduate degree is in aerodynamics and thermodynamics from the University of Cambridge. As a keen Formula 1 fan at the time I was inspired to study aerodynamics. Since then my first industrial experience took me to Cummins Turbo Technologies where I spent over 10 years working on turbocharger design and validation for Heavy Duty trucks. After taking time off to do a research project in turbine wheel vibrations I went back to industry spending some time at Caterpillar as a turbocharger specialist. At the moment I lead a customer and sustaining engineering team at Oxford Instruments Nanoscience, supporting our current product development for complex cryogenic systems and superconducting magnets. 

Research opportunities

With an interest in product design my research topic for the PhD is around design for product obsolescence strategies that create optimal value from the system. I am in the early stages of my project currently studying the gaps in research and identifying a more specific focus for my research under great leadership from Prof. John Erkoyuncu and Dr. Maryam Farsi.   

Current activities

I am working on my PhD part-time as I work at Oxford Instruments full time and hope to bring my industrial experience to my research.