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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Through-life Engineering Services


Vaishnav graduated with an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol. At Bristol, his research projects focused on the analysis of the dynamics of multi degree-of-freedom systems and on the use of multi-objective optimisation techniques to inform on geometrical limits during the design phase of a product. While studying at Bristol, Vaishnav also gained professional experience, through summer internships, in the Aviation Maintenance and Energy Production sectors. It is where he developed an appreciation of and an interest in Product-Service Systems and the Through-life Engineering Services (TES) framework. Vaishnav is now at Cranfield University where he is pursuing a PhD in Manufacturing involving the TES framework.

Current activities

Vaishnav is currently pursuing a PhD in Manufacturing at Cranfield University looking at the optimisation of the trade-off between commercial gains (cost), performance-oriented asset value creation (availability) and sustainability in TES. His PhD will focus on the integration of environmental aspects (and potentially social) into the decision-making processes, e.g. estimation of the remaining sustainable life of components and designing enablers, to assist in determining environmentally (and socially) friendly TES delivery. 

At Cranfield, Vaishnav will be based at the Centre for Digital Engineering and Manufacturing (CDEM), which hosts cutting-edge simulation and visualisation facilities.