Contact Tooba Siddiqui


I am currently in my first year of a 3-year PhD in Forensic Science (with a major focus on Archaeology and Anthropology).

I completed my Master's degree in Forensic Investigation MSc, after obtaining a First class Bachelor's degree in Forensic Science BSc (with honours).

Research opportunities

For my Master's thesis I carried out laboratory research on the skeletal remains discovered on the military island known colloquially as Rat Island

For my Bachelor's dissertation I completed a laboratory-based research project on the skeletal collection at St. Bride's Church in London, for the metric assessment of sex using craniofacial measurements. Within this I compared various forms of discriminant function analysis to of CRANID and FORDISC, to determine whether the metric indicators perform better.

Current activities

My current research aim is to standardise forensic anthropological processes, such as the biological profiling of deceased individuals, across the UK. More specifically, my research aims are to 1) to compare and evaluate the existing standards and reference collections used to create methods for stature estimation in forensic anthropology, and 2) to create an improved method for the estimation of stature from skeletal remains for the contemporary British population.