Tolulope holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from University of Lagos (Nigeria) and a master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Cranfield University (UK). 

Previous research experience working on the following projects:

  • Impact of bio-addition and carbon/nitrogen ratio on biodegradation of fog-rich wastewater (May – September 2018; MSc thesis)
  • Environmental and run-off attenuation reservoir at Roxhill Manor Farm, Cranfield (February – May 2018; MSc group project)
  • Effect of the variation in temperature of the solid-state fermentation of melon seeds (2014; BSc thesis)
  • Production of phosphoric acid using the dihydrate method: feasibility study (2014; BSc group project)

 Tolulope has previous work experience as an intern in municipal waste management (2015 – 2016) and a junior chemical engineer in environmental monitoring (2016 – 2017).

Current activities

Transforming Slow Sand Filtration for Drinking Water Supply


Thames Water

Affinity Water 

Essex & Suffolk Water


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