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Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautical Systems
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Aviation Management & Operations


Tingyu Gong is a Research Fellow in Future Air Mobility, with the Centre for Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems in the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing. Prior to joining Cranfield University, he received his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Air Traffic Management from Civil Aviation University of China. He completed his Ph.D in Advanced Guidance and Flight Simulation from Sichuan University, China. His main research interests focus on the solutions for enabling future Advanced Air Mobility(AAM) and Urban Air Mobility(UAM) operations leveraging advanced technologies in air traffic management. He is engaged in several Future Flight Challenge projects and dedicated his time in conducting simulation analyses.

Current activities

Cranfield Co-I of project AMEC (Air Mobility Ecosystem Consortium), 2022-2024, funded by UKRI under the Future Flight Challenge Phase 3 programme, ID: 10023201.


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