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Over 30 years in the current field, from Trainee-Technician as school leaver. Mechanical Engineering (further) Education and background training, including some time as machinist in engineering workshop (School of Industrial Science as it was then).

Specialise in:

  • Gas control-system and delivery-system design and construction.

  • Furnace (electrical) construction, repair and operation.

  • Temperature control and measurement.

  • Gas detection and related safe systems of work

Current activities

Provide technical support to contract and student-based research in areas such as:

  • Corrosion Fatigue

  • High Temperature Corrosion

  • Erosion and wear

  • Oxidation

  • Chemical Vapour Deposition

Also act as First Aider Building Fire Safety Monitor (B57), Fire Marshal, COSHH assessor, Deputy NSM and technical assistant to 3 SHEL areas.