Current activities

Tim is a Doctoral Researcher in the Decision and Information Management Group at Cranfield University. Tim studies the relationships and structures that are formed between people and organisations; and the strategies of governance, leadership and management that contribute to work-related stress, depression and anxiety. His research utilises a systemic lens through which to view the person-environment and the dynamic non-linear discontinuous emergent phenomenology of the person-environment interaction. This approach has facilitated the modelling of the innately subjective and idiosyncratic ways in which people in complex, and often ambiguous, organisational environments are able to perceive and respond to the challenges and responsibilities in their working environments.

In the course of his Doctoral investigations Tim has developed a multi-method approach to his research. This involves the development of a novel qualitative Repertory Grid method that generates a topological landscape of a person’s intra-subjective challenge environment. This has led to the development of a codebook that relates an individual’s behaviour and their self-reports with the topological landscape of the Repertory Grid. The purpose being to develop organisational strategies of governance and leadership that align an individual’s knowledge, skills and experience with the challenges and responsibilities in a particular working environment. This enables organisations and employees to flourish by promoting employee self-worth, well-being, resilience and optimal performance.