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Subash has worked for Electronic Brake Systems in Continental Automotive for 4+ years. He started as a developer for 'Active Yaw Control' and also worked on 'Vehicle Model Development' of all relevant subsystems of the virtual vehicle model. He was also a local expert for Vehicle Model and Vehicle Dynamics topics in the company. Subash was also a trainer of Vehicle Dynamics topics during his tenure there.

Before joining Continental Automotive, Subash graduated from Cranfield University in MSc Automotive Engineering during 2015-16.

Subash has also worked in Battle Tank Suspension Design and Off-Road Vehicle Dynamics for 6+ years.

Subash also holds a Master's Degree in Engineering Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Current activities

Subash is currently working on Cooperative Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles to understand how time of travel could be reduced at intersections, and also how much savings could be achieved in fuel consumption.