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Smaranika Tripathy received her B.Tech in Production & Industrial Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India in 2017. Later in 2021, she joined Cranfield University as a MSc student in Advanced Mechanical Engineering. She has worked on design of experiments for wire-EDM technology at Machine Tools Laboratory at IIT Bombay, India. Her MSc thesis was based on experimental work to characterise the effect of peening and heat treatment processes on Inconel 718 (nickel alloy) manufactured by wire-arc additive manufacturing technique for creep resistant application. She has industrial experience of working with clients from automotive, aerospace & energy sectors.

Research opportunities

The aim of the research is to monitor and improve the water quality affecting the heat pump components that further leads to minimisation of corrosion and scale formation.

Current activities

Currently, Smaranika is pursuing PhD in minimisation of corrosion & scale formation by improving & monitoring water quality by selecting an appropriate water treatment technology for Mitsubishi heat pumps. Her research centres to identify a monitoring system to characterise the potential for corrosion & scaling in heat pumps that could be implemented as a part of the commercial heat pump system and also select a suitable water treatment technology capable of removal of ions that has impact on heat pump materials.


Mitsubishi Electric R & D Centre Europe