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Areas of expertise

  • Vehicle Engineering & Mobility
  • Vehicle Health Management


Felix completed his Bachelor's in 2015 and Master's in Mechanical Design and Theory at Northeastern University in 2018, China, where he focused on the fault identification and health management of conventional defects for an engineering system.

Presently, Felix is employed as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher by Cranfield University which is part of the Monitoring Large-Scale Complex Systems (MOIRA) project, where he will fuse and develop a hybrid prognostic methodology for aircraft systems and complete his Ph.D. study at the school of aerospace, transport, and manufacturing.

Research opportunities

Within the context of the MOIRA project, as Marie Curie Researcher in hybrid prognostic methodology for

aircraft systems, Felix will contribute to developing a novel hybrid prognostic methodology focusing

on the assessment of the state of the health of a system. The methodology will integrate physics-based and

data-driven prognostics models in order to enhance the prognostic accuracy, robustness and applicability.

Dedicated experimental test rigs such as a clogged filter, a machinery fault simulator and a linear actuator

failure simulator will be used to obtain reproducible datasets under different operating conditions. Finally, the

performance of the developed technique will be evaluated based on the most recent prognostic evaluation