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Areas of expertise

  • Aircraft Design
  • Flight Physics
  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion


Shahzada Janjua started working as an Aeronautical Engineer in Florida, USA as a trainee Flight Test engineer after graduation in 1995. Shahzada worked there for nine months before returning to the UK.

Following this, he switched careers to education and completed a PGCE from De Montfort University, Bedford and started a job as a Secondary Science Teacher specialising in Physics in England.

Shahzada continued with a passionate focus on teaching for over twenty years, gaining valuable experience as a middle manager in both academic and pastoral fields. He then, moved on his career to international teaching with posts in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. Shahzada was inspired by STEAM subjects and Computing, and hence, currently, he is teaching those in a primary school.

His first passion in Aeronautical Engineering got fired up while teaching STEAM to students and then decided to pursue his master’s again. Shahzada have gained a lot of experience in the education field and skills such as constructive teamwork, effective communication, middle leadership strategy, adaptability, resilience, flexibility and risk taking to name a few. 

Shahzada has developed into a holistic individual and continue to passionately believe in a positive frame of mind and in imparting British values, upon the younger generation that he meets in a classroom. 

Research opportunities

Shahzada has conducted research into exploring leadership in education. on the engineering side, He was the designer of a marine vessel combustor as part of the Cranfield University Group Design Project.

Currently, he is researching the use of active green hydrogen combustion in jet engines for air transportation, Shahzada is researching the Trent-XWB-97 jet engine and simulating it on Turbomatch jet engine performance software.

His further, research will entail the integration of this engine on the HVLER Cranfield concept cryogenic hydrogen aircraft for a mission from Hong Kong to London-Gatwick airport, following this, Shahzada shall investigate the possibility of a renewable green hydrogen production plant in Hong Kong for use in aviation.

Current activities

Shahzada is currently a Masters student researching on the possible use of green hydrogen as a main combustion fuel in jet engines. This project will also include the design and development of infra-structure in creating the required volume of green hydrogen, using only renewable resources.


In Education Shahzada was a consultant for CfBT working as an advisor for the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

He was a volunteer in a company in Florida, USA, that had a contract with the USAF and was involved with the noise reduction of the KC-1135 aircraft.