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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Instrumentation, Sensors and Measurement Science
  • Process Systems Engineering


Milad received the M.S. degree in chemical engineering from Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran, in 2010. He was a faculty member of IAUMIS from 2013 to 2021 with more than ten years of research and teaching work and two industrial patents and one commercial patent. Also, he was the head of the chemical engineering more than 4 years. He Supervised more than 120 B.S theses and advised two M.S theses and published over ten articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences with an enthusiastic approach to industry or market. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in Energy and Power at Cranfield University. His research interest includes, but not limited to, flow meters corrections, signal processing, neural network and multi-phase flow measurement. 

Research opportunities


Researcher, Cranfield University,                          [2022-Present]

Wet gas flow measurement using single phase flow meters 


Faculty Member, IAUMIS,                                      [2020-2021]

Three-phase flow measurement using CFD and Neural Network with concentrating on slug flow regime using non-intrusive sensors


Faculty Member, IAUMIS,                                       [2018-2020]

New micro-emulsion and suspension formulation for making two-phase flow deodorant spray with the least harmful ingredients and the most effective one on microorganisms


Faculty Member, IAUMIS,                                        [2018-2019]

Using plants and biomass for essential oil extraction using modified steam distillation  in a medium temperature


Research associate, IAUMIS University,                   [2017-2018]

Sensitivity map production, Introducing a new config. (TRFLC), Signal processing, Using wavelet variance and Cumulative Power Spectral Distribution (CPSD) for introducing a new method for flow pattern recognition and classification


Research Assistant, Yasouj University,                     [2013-2017]

Construction of horizontal two-phase flow equipment, Recognition of oil-gas flow map, Design a capacitance sensor for online flow measurement, Void fraction measurement, Comparing different Configurations of the sensor using CFD

Faculty Member, IAUMIS,                                         [2012-2021]                                       

Kinetic of diffusion in catalysts coupling mass transfer (Maxwell-Stefan model) and adsorption model (Vacancy Solution theory)


M.S., Persian Gulf University,


Construction of adsorption pilot plant to the separation of ethane and ethylene by zeolite 5A at different temperature and pressure


B.S., University of Tabriz,


Recovery of valuable metals from spent petrochemical catalysts using different solvent, furnace (high temperature) and leaching