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Areas of expertise

  • Autonomous Systems


I completed my undergraduate education at Bursa Uludag University, one of the best 20 research universities in Turkey, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, I worked at the same university as a research assistant between 2017 and 2020. I also completed my master's degree at the same university in August 2019.

During my undergraduate education, I studied the below topics.

Plate Recognition System

Product Counting and Sorting Machine

In my master's degree, I studied free and forced vibrations of the beams. I also worked on the vibration analysis of cracks and stepped beams. My three articles on these topics are published, two of which are SCI-indexed.

I had the chance to work as a researcher on two scientific research projects:

Structural Analysis of Defo Rack System

Modeling and Analysis of the Stroller

Current activities

Now, I'm doing a PhD. at Cranfield University on autonomous vehicles.


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