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Sarah received her Certificate of Higher Education from Durham University in 2016, as well as receiving the Vice Chancellors Award for Academic Excellence, before completing her BA Archaeology degree at Southampton University achieving a 1st class honours degree in 2019. She then completed an MSc at Cranfield University, with her research project regarding the forensic recovery of civilian casualties after armed conflicts. She is currently undertaking a part-time PhD at Cranfield in post-conflict forensic archaeology and anthropology.

Current activities

Sarah is currently undertaking her PhD at Cranfield Forensic Institute. Her research is focused on the impact of  forensic anthropology and archaeology in the aftermath of armed conflict, with the aim of encouraging reflective practice to improve researcher-community relations. She is also involved with the Cranfield Recovery and Identification of Conflict Casualties (CRICC) team, which assists with recovery and identification of servicemen missing from historic conflicts.