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With 40 years in business, reaching senior roles with Unilever, Diageo, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and the Toilet Board Coalition, Sandy has extensive experience of manufacturing, supply chains, and product development, and latterly of the Circular Economy. This builds on his engineering studies (Cambridge), MBA (Open University), and MSc (UCL) in Environmental Systems Engineering.

Sandy has set up two global Circular Economy projects – the New Plastics Economy (on plastic packaging), and the Sanitation Economy (on the biological and water cycles), and advised public and private sector organisations. He has written, broadcast, spoken, and facilitated multiple discussions on the Circular Economy.

Research opportunities

Opportunities to design products for their after-use phase to be a benign fate in the biosphere - food (obviously food waste, but including human waste too), and also packaging, sanitary products, paper, textiles, and more.

Opportunities for holistic biological waste systems capable of recovering nutrients (for return to the soil), bioenergy, and clean water from any/all of the above product types.

Current activities

Sandy is researching the role of the biological cycle within the Circular Economy, with the hypothesis that a Circular Economy is more likely to be realised if we make more use of biological materials in a wide range of products, and provide the associated waste infrastructure to recover nutrients, energy, and clean water. In this model, sanitation is reframed as the resource recovery component of a (circular) food chain.


Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Toilet Board Coalition


World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Zero-Waste Scotland