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Sam completed his B.Eng. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi. He obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Aerospace Engineering, Avionics Option from the Air Force Institute of Technology Kaduna, He moved on to complete his MSC. in Aerospace vehicle Designs at Cranfield University UK specialising in Avionics System Designs. His Group Design Project thesis was on Integrated Vehicle Health Management System design for a blended wing body airliner, while his individual research thesis was on design of an Extended Range Modem System for a UAV. Sam has returned to Cranfield to pursue a PhD in modelling of aircraft avionics systems including faults using hydraulic powered flight control actuation system as abase line. 

Research opportunities

Sam is carrying out his PhD research within the Cranfield University IVHM Centre. His research focuses on possible faults that affects the hydraulic powered flight control actuation system during components degradations. The emphasis is on the response of control surfaces to external loading within a given or specified period of time. The input commands been taken as the flight information and the conversion of the hydraulic command through the use of linear actuators.

Current activities

The faults associated with hydraulic powered flight control system are those inherent within the system components and those associated with the working principles of the the components. These are grouped as subsystem faults and are propagated within the system as the individual system components age. 


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