Contact Samuel Daminabo

Areas of expertise

  • Composites
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Nanomaterials


Samuel obtained his Bachelors degree in materials engineering (BEng), and a masters degree in advanced manufacturing engineering with management (MSc) at Loughborough University (2012-2017). During the time, Samuel completed a diploma in industrial studies (DIS) with distinction; involving the design and implementation of a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Following these, Samuel most-recently completed an MSc in  business management (with finance) at BPP business school in London (2018-2019), before joining the enhanced composites and structures research team at Cranfield University's department of manufacturing (SATM).

Research opportunities

Samuel's most notable research so far was in the ecofriendly production of graphene; a project that pioneered student-led graphene research at the materials department of Loughborough University. Samuel has since then become a member of the graphene council; keeping up with the developments towards commercialisation of graphene products. Samuel has further being involved with research in the development of over moulding as a technique for fabricating printed circuit boards.

Current activities

Currently, Samuel is enrolled as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Vijay Kumar Thakur and Dr Hamed Yazdani due to his interest in working on the development of process and/or material aspects of 3D printing. Samuel attended the advanced materials show (June 2019), and is currently working towards his first publication. He is also a sport fanatic, and an athlete representing the Cranfield University football team.


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